Artistic Impressions of AI at the RS CGS Art Competition 2024-25

On May 16, 2024, budding artists from SIRS dazzled in the Round Square CGS Annual Art Competition 2024-25. Guided by dedicated mentors, students including Jyotiraditya, Arvind, Soumili, Soumily, and Akhankhya in the Senior category showcased exceptional creativity exploring the theme "AI: Threats and Opportunities." Through vibrant strokes and imaginative compositions, they delved into a futuristic world shaped by artificial intelligence, reflecting not just artistic flair but also deep insights into societal complexities. Their artworks offered diverse perspectives on AI, capturing its potential benefits and looming risks. These students, as creativity ambassadors, exemplified the school's commitment to fostering critical thinking and creative expression, setting a high standard for their peers and making a proud statement about the power of youthful engagement with complex themes.