New Schooling of today

  • 30 Dec, 2018

It is great to finally see an Educational revolution in the offing. Schools are rapidly changing for the better and gradually moving out from systems and structures that have been archaic for several years.

Partly thanks to the courage to face the fear to change. Not only the school, but also there was the inability to put in new learning systems for teachers and then the trouble of making parents understand the ‘why’ of the “Need to change”. This was coupled with the rigid systems of education boards and university examinations; the process has been far too slow but thankfully moving in a positive direction.

Yes, Robots are already doing half our work, which in a way is changing the jobs for the future. Tech roots are getting deeper in anything that moves, from acquiring knowledge to knowing what is right for us to eat, from how much to walk to how much should our water intake be is now all customized on calculated data. ‘One size won’t fit all’. Enjoying jobs that interest us, after going through the unyielding and not wanting to do subject choices, which were mandatory for the students by the Schools and society, is now making us all think ahead swiftly.

What is current and relevant today may change in a few months from now, but, are the schools laced up to keep up with the pace?

If life is throwing choices at us every moment and students are thinking decisively, finding solutions to their tribulations, building character and fine values as they move on to connect with the universe, I must say then, that Schools are moving on the right path.

There has been so much ‘Out of the Box’ thinking lately, that we are beginning to lose sense of what is ‘In the Box’. Innovation must go on for the sake of student and teacher learning not for what is happening with schools competing with each other to showcase to parents how unique or different they are from other schools. Such questions- What is your USP? How are you different from other schools? Well….. We have been awarded the No. 1 for speed in curriculum and we are the quickest to send children home…. Really!? ….We are child centric…. Really!? Glad, I thought that’s what schools are meant to be.

Why are Schools always chasing awards and even such recognition to be different or to market themselves? Should this be the Vision?

There is this world out there; Students with first class degrees and the best of qualifications are finding it difficult to acquire jobs that fit well. Did we teach them how to chase marks or did we teach them how to chase their dreams? The gap between the Education and the Industry is too wide.

As a School, we must remain connected with the students. We must assist them to collaborate, we must encourage their creativity and we must ignite their passion to help them back it with conviction. We must create a matrix for learning and care so they believe in their natural instincts.
You will witness the change – New Schooling for today.