Motivational Session at SIRS

  • 11 Apr, 2022

“Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own.” —Michelle Obama

SAIoneers of SIRS attended a motivational session held in the School by Dr Kannan Gireesh, a noted motivational Speaker, Psychiatrist, Psychological Counselor and the Founder and CEO of LiveLife on April 18, 2022, on the topic “Stop Stressing and Start Living”. It was an amazing session especially for the Class X students who are about to take the CBSE Board Term 2 exams in the coming week. SIRS holds such sessions for the students to tackle the exam stress, post pandemic stress, to tackle the nuances of life and much more. Such a session will help children grow as better well rounded balanced individuals.

Dr Kannan, began the session with a beautiful presentation and explained to students the different nuances of life and how one has to live a full and meaningful life.  He told the students to follow a few important directions in life such as not to complain, not to blame, not to give excuse, not to compare with others & not to gossip and while away precious time. These life skills will definitely help children in the long run as well.

Dr Kannan advised the students to spend their time judiciously and guided them on how to study. He also stated that the attention span in children is not more than 25 minutes hence they should take a break of a few minutes in between and restart. In this way, they can focus for a longer time giving better results.  All along with the motivational talk, Dr Kannan engaged with the students and the students were happy and enthusiastic throughout the talk.