International Friendship Day at SIRS

  • 01 Aug, 2020

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” – Walter Winchell

July 30 is observed as International Friendship Day annually across the globe. It was first celebrated in Paraguay in July 1958. In the year 2011 the United Nations Organization (UNO) officially declared that 30 July to be commemorated as International Friendship Day.

The purpose:

We live in a tough world, where miscommunication, mistreatment, misunderstanding, lack of trust, discrimination, cultural discord, regional, linguistic and religious biases abound in full measures. Hence, it is a day to remind the world that all these human-made barriers can be removed by true friendship. Friendship is essentially to be at the side of someone in need. It is said: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

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The world has to wake up to the existing realities and each individual must make singular efforts to make sure that he or she must promote peace, Harmony and friendship.

SIRS as top boarding schools in India, always stands out in a world of differences as a beacon of truth. Today to commemorate the day, a special assembly was conducted online. Teachers emphasized the need for building friendship. They highlighted the importance of Friendship Day. A video was shown which highlighted that friendship promotes care and concern. True friendship does not worry about personal gains and advantages, it is always “the other” oriented. It is not selfish but selfless, it is not ‘me’ ‘my’ ‘mine.’ Friendship is not an expression of useless passions, but a passion for being true oneself and true to others. Lies do not build friendship, but Truth always promotes good Friendship. In the present world scenario, this Day has a lot of significance for all of us.