How to Be Prepared For Admission in Top-Ranking Boarding Or Residential Schools in India

  • 29 Apr, 2021

As time advances, the trend of considering boarding or residential school for children’s education is growing among parents due to their busy schedule majorly. However, it takes a lot of effort and time to get used to a new environment for teenage children. It is their parents’ responsibility to make them prepare both mentally and academically to adjust and adapt to the change. Boarding or residential school is way different than private or public school. Residential schools offer more than just an average school day. It is a lifestyle.

At top-ranking boarding schools in India, the teaching and learning process extends beyond the classroom. Emphasising the academic part majorly; a residential school gives equal importance to the development of character, social skills, tolerance power, life skills, and many more.

Now, a student needs specific preparation before enrolling in the residential school. It takes a lot of resources to make both the parents and students understand what to expect and what to prepare for before leaving their hometown.

The following tips might help students and their parents to understand the entire ‘Living and Learning’ process with both national and international groups of students.

  • Understand what to expect: As a teenager, a person has to go through a lot of changes both physically and mentally. In this time of transition, the boarding school environment helps them to learn team spirit and tolerance. The environment shapes their behavior and makes them culturally intelligent.
    All of these happen if a student is prepared beforehand for the shared living and learning experience with students from the same age group of international background. They need to understand brotherhood to share accommodation, food, knowledge, and work collectively towards their goals.
  • Prepare a routine: As stated earlier, all top-ranking boarding schools in India maintain a structure and strict discipline. If you want your children to be a part of such a prestigious boarding school, they need to channelise their energy to developing a lifestyle that is more like a residential school. The early the transition begins, the more they can cope with the new environment.
    A routine has to be set like waking up early at a specific time, having meals, prepare the day’s plan, organising books, desks, and so on. Moreover, a practice of regular physical activities will make them more active both physically and mentally.
  • Stay independent but routine-bound: Children must adapt to ‘Living and Learning’ independently without the parents’ help. If not handled properly, this independence might impact both the academic performance and the process of character development seriously during the hostel life.
    Top ranking boarding schools in India expect students to make their bed in the morning, balancing the time of chores and studies together. It is better if students prepare and practice a similar routine at home before they come across the residential school experience.
  • Homesickness and social skills: Teenagers, who have been living with their parents for a long, might find it difficult to live without them all of a sudden. Besides, adjusting with diverse groups of students will be challenging too. While they are in the home, arrange amicable discussions with them and make them easy with the concept of distant living situation. Support them and tell them all the positivity that will come their way in the future days. Teachers and coaches at Top ranking boarding schools in India are equally cooperative in the matter of helping students to deal with homesickness.

Let them express themselves through participation in various extra-curricular activities and help them build a community of their own, based on similar interests.

Last but not the least, even if parents are there to take care of such things, yet students must learn to take responsibility for bringing plenty of clothing and supplies to boarding school. Moreover, an attitude of keeping an open-minded approach, maintaining personal hygiene, being social with roommates, managing the time properly and enjoying the process will help them to get along more easily. Above all, have fun while you learn.