How SIRS Has Become The No. 1 Boarding School In Odisha?

  • 27 Apr, 2021

Sirs has become the No 1 Boarding schools in Odisha, India. The schooling and educational sector in India has risen to a new level today. It is needless to mention that every parent out there wants the finest for their child when it comes to education and overall growth, afterall, it’s about their career and future prospects.

Parents are always looking out for something ‘much more than a school’. Something that can provide value-based education in a stress-free environment and nurture their child to their fullest potential.

Discipline, self-independence and overall personality development are some of the primary elements which every school must ensure to cater and develop.

SAI International Residential School has maintained its rank as the No. 1 boarding school in Odisha by ensuring a balance of curriculum, discipline, co-curricular activities, academics, sports, international dimension activities and much more.

AT SIRS, our well-planned curriculum is strictly focused on making a child self-reliant and independent by teaching him values and discipline. It is designed in a way that will help the students evolve their life skills such as confidence, courage, self-esteem and fearlessness.

We understand the important decision which parents make to send their child out of their comfort zone by distancing them from the safety net of the home environment. SIRS being among the top CBSE residential schools in Bhubaneswar aims to make its students a perfect citizen of the country in the near future and to shape up their career by helping and assisting them to be smart, efficient, fast and intelligent.Our infrastructure and faculties are all in sync with the intention of developing responsible citizens.

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We also understand that it’s not quite easy for children to leave the comfort and coziness of their homes and stay in boarding schools. This is the reasons why we give utmost attention to each child just the way the parents do. As a leading boarding school in Odisha, our environment and surroundings are absolutely child-friendly.

Affiliated to CBSE it has the most dynamic curriculum for classes from VI to IX covering the domains of Intellect, academic, creative and athletic. The curriculum and technique of teaching are designed to inculcate a joy of learning and discovery for the students across all levels and fields. The school also provides IT and Digital Technology training to give the students the best of opportunities to explore, learn and grow.

The curriculum ensures a balanced development of body, mind and soul which will help the students increase their capacity to think, learn, understand, and reflect, both on the world around them and their responsibilities within.

Our aim has always been to provide the students with top-notch facilities for education and self-development. We offer an extraordinary array of activities and that is what makes our curriculum unparalleled. We offer a wide variety of challenging tasks and project-based activities in music, drama, visual arts, design technology, spirituality, leadership, physical education and global education, within the classroom and beyond.

The school also provides an extensive sports and physical education program to its students with trained and knowledgeable coaches and well-developed sports infrastructure that provides scientifically aided training in each of the games.

At SIRS, the students are given a plethora of possibilities to step beyond the conventional academic structures. Our curriculum not only helps students to excel in sports and academics but also in developing their interpersonal skills which will help them to become a person of substance.