Highlighting The Difference Between Day Boarding School and Residential School

  • 18 Jun, 2021

Education plays a very significant role in everyone’s life, especially where a child is concerned. So one very important decision that every parent has to take in ensuring that their child gets a world-class education and learning environment is the choice of school, and whether it should be a day school or a residential school.

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The debate is about which one is a better option. So this article is aimed towards helping the parents to take a wise decision for their child.

What are the differences between Day Boarding Schools and Residential Schools?

A residential school is an institution where the children live within premises while being given formal instruction. They go home only during vacations. The curriculum of the leading residential schools in India stretches far beyond formal classroom education. The best residential schools in India are known for their focus on fitness, care, and safety, supervision, guidance, etc. of the students.

A day boarding school is an institution where the students attend classes, have their meals, take part in school activities and return to their homes. They do not stay overnight. They stay with their families and go to school only for studies.

Many parents have agreed that residential schools are much better than day schools when it comes to the overall development of their children.

Here is the list of some factors that can help the parents choose between a day boarding school and a residential school for their children:

Confidence and Self-Reliance – Children who stay and study in residential schools are self-reliant and gain more confidence to tackle future challenges. The students in residential schools perform all the tasks by themselves, without the assistance of their parents. They solve their daily problems and concerns and look after their personal needs. But when it comes to day boarding schools, students return to their homes after day end. Children living at home are helped by their parents and other people, which reduces their workload, naturally making them dependent on other people for a lot of things.

Regular Guidance – Effective guidance and discipline ensure the development of the children. The best residential schools in India provide one-to-one guidance to every child as not every child has equal grasping power. Many reputed residential schools in India allow the students to reach out to their teachers round the clock as they are always available on campus. Students can get extra professional assistance before and even after school. When it comes to day schools, students stay in the school for a specified time and after that, they return home. Also, the number of students at day school is massive and so there are chances that the teacher might not be able to assist every student in the class equally.

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All-round development – Today every parent wants a holistic all-around development of their children. The leading residential schools in India expose children to many activities like social service, art, drama, sports, singing, dancing, etc. Residential schools focus on extracurricular as a compulsory part of the curriculum. While day schools also provide extracurricular activities but due to lack of time students are unable to make the most out of them. When it comes to residential schools, students get a fixed time to spend on various co-curricular activities throughout the day.

Cost – It is quite obvious and parents already know the fact that residential schools are far more expensive than day schools. But it must also be noted that this cost difference is due to facilities like accommodation, nutritious meals, healthcare, security measures, superb sports facilities, etc. When you look at the cost from how it will be beneficial for your child to study in a residential school, it is quite reasonable.

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Wrapping up

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