Fireless cooking

  • 18 May, 2018


Cooking can be fun when done carefully under expert supervision. Why not try fireless cooking this summer. It’s time to raid the kitchen, experiment, explore, innovate and feel proud about. Break the monotony and try something newer, tastier and healthier. Cutting, peeling, slicing, shredding, pouring, freezing and serving are the best feelings in the kitchen. Enjoyment and experiment is just one part of it one also gets to learn a lot more from cooking like:

  • Empathy: Children need to know the importance of food and the amount of hard work put into preparing a meal. Empathy towards the cook who worked hard to prepare it. Children learn empathy too when they learn cooking. Empathy to other cultures too. They learn to accept, to try, to embrace things that are different.
  • It boosts confidence: yes confidence booster, when one cooks and it turns out to taste good it automatically boosts confidence.
  • It encourages kids to be more adventurous eaters: children generally don’t like to try new things, but when they start cooking and experimenting they start accepting all the different and exotic flavors of food.
  • It brings the family together: a family that eats together; stays together. When the child of the house cooks its all the more inviting. All the family members sit together to have the taste of the cuisine.
  • It reinforces the things learnt in school: cooking involves a lot of mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics. So kids apply what they learn in school in terms of measurements and other properties.
  • Life skills. Cooking is a life skill which one needs to get aligned to. Once alone in the world eating becomes a task as you do not know cooking, but when u learn basics early one can survive in any circumstances.
  • It teaches to be thankful: children who learn cooking they understand the time and effort put into it. They naturally become more respectful at dinner as they have a firsthand experience.
  • Leads to a healthier generation: while learning to cook children also gradually understand the nutritional value of food they make and as IT savvy children they mostly search on the internet about the ingredients then use in their recipes.
  • Grow to be responsible individuals: as they grow up they are well versed with cooking skills and can cook for themselves when alone and do not need to depend on anybody for food.

Try out these amazing fireless recipes this summer and let us know how they came out.

See you tomorrow with another exciting activity from our summer bucket list!!

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Cafeteria at SIRS: children have important daily nutritional needs in their growing years. SIRS has a bright, well ventilated and sanitized cafeteria. The food is prepared by a professional catering group that works under the strict supervision of trained and expert dieticians and nutritionists, who constantly monitor health needs of children.   Feedback are welcomed from the children for betterment.