Through empathy, students learn to understand each other, thus building friendships based on positive relationships of trust. As children enhance the skills of empathy, by communicating cross-culturally with their classmates, the skills will percolate into their lives in the community.

The aim of value education is to encourage an awareness of having values and their corresponding relationship to the world in which the youth live. Value Based Education is the best method through which one can provide the right direction to the young. In pursuit of imparting holistic education to students, SIRS takes the initiative to transform them into better human beings in the long run.

The SIRS students are inspired and motivated to learn and practice acts of kindness in daily life by involving them in various Community Service Initiatives. They are provided with unique opportunities to serve the local community and partner with them to support their aspiration and work towards making them self reliant. This develops in them an inner urge to render their contribution towards a better society. All this helps in embedding social awareness not only in the students’ but also in the schools’ core curriculum.