Elevating Educational Horizons: Dr. Sumer Singh’s Inspiring Visit

  • 20 Jan, 2024

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." - Mark Van Doren

On the 19th and 20th of January 2024, SAI International Residential School had the honor of hosting Dr. Sumer Singh, an esteemed educationist and school advisor. His visit aimed at elevating academic standards and nurturing holistic development among students, leaving an enduring impact on the institution.

Fostering Academic Excellence

Dr. Singh's interactions with students and faculty underscored the significance of creativity and innovation in education, advocating for a dynamic learning environment. He lauded SAI International's commitment to cultivating well-rounded individuals, setting the stage for the school to embrace innovative practices.

Day 1 - Enlightening Sessions and Inspirational Insights

Welcome and Interactive Session

SAIoneers warmly welcomed Dr. Sumer Singh on the first day as he commenced with an interactive session in the Audio Visual Room (AVR). The Student Council Members engaged in discussions covering crucial topics such as the culture of boarding schools, the role of Prefectural Council in leadership, fostering creativity and innovation, and various approaches to unlearning, learning, and relearning.

Lunch and Auditorium Interaction

Following a lunch gathering with students, teachers, and the leadership group, all convened at the Astaranga Auditorium for a valuable interaction. Dr. Singh delved into the importance of creativity at school, diverse learning methods, and overcoming challenges. His suggestions included hosting national and international summits, encouraging SAIoneers to pursue advanced courses and workshops during summer vacations for experiential learning. Teachers participated in a forum discussion about handling issues during exams, the role of mentors, and the significance of peer learning and flip classes.

Special Meeting with the Dean, CILs & ILs

A special meeting concluded Day 1, where Dr. Singh shared insights about managing academic rigor during exam times and emphasized the importance of motivation for both the team and students.

Day 2 - Informed Discussions and Workplace Challenges

Special Talk on Geopolitics

The highlight of the second day was Dr. Singh's enlightening talk on geopolitics, exploring the roles of the USA, Russia, China, and India in the current global scenario. This informative session took place at the Astaranga Auditorium, providing valuable insights.

Interactive Session on Workplace Challenges

Dr. Singh concluded his visit with an interactive and beneficial session on workplace challenges, engaging with wardens, the admin officer, and the security officer in the AVR.

Dr. Sumer Singh's visit has left an indelible mark on SAI International Residential School, propelling the institution towards a brighter future with a renewed commitment to academic excellence and holistic development.