Each one teach one…

  • 04 Jun, 2018

“Each one teach one” is an Afro-American proverb. It originated in United States at the time of slavery when the right to education was denied to the Africans and the African Americans. In the modern world education is the nucleus of living. It empowers an individual towards quality living. It opens doors of success and positive thinking. And every individual has the right to education. In the complex Indian society there is a privileged and the underprivileged where the privileged get all they need while the underprivileged cannot afford even the simplest thing as education. Its the duty of the youth of India to bring a change and create a society where each one is educated.

Children, during these holidays teach atleast one underprivileged child, who you think is not able to get education or needs a tuition that he or she is not able to afford. Be the enlighten and responsible citizen of India and bring about a change in your surroundings.

The collective power of each contribution from each individual’s insignificant act is immense which can help fill the gap of education. Most underprivileged children either miss school education or attend schools where teachers are under trained. They are mostly constrained by finances in low income households which can hardly manage to earn them bread and shelter. Children of rickshawalas, labourers, maids and other groups on society who do not have access to quality education can be benefited if you are ready to help them.

If the privileged sections of the society voluntarily come forward to contribute to this noble cause, an enormous change could be brought in quality of life of underprivileged children.

Bring about a change to see the change should be your slogan this summers.

Happy teaching and learning to all of you!!!

Community outreach at SIRS: SAI International is creating 100 libraries in local underprivileged schools in Bhubaneswar and the surrounding areas. SAIoneers also work with tribal school children in the outskirts of Bhubaneshwar by painting their school, playing games with them and lots more.