Dance, masti, music and dinner with Chairman sir at SIRS

  • 15 Aug, 2018

“The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy, we can all sense a mysterious connection to each other.”  — Meryl Streep

Chairman, SAI International Group, hosted a dinner for the students and fraternity of SAI International Residential School at the school on August 15, 2018. Being the 72nd year of India’s Independence and SAIoneer’s first year of celebration of the national festival it was all the more exciting for the students.

Students put up a cultural program on the occasion. They performed some beautiful dances, melodious songs, some commendable speeches, videos and many more. After the scintillating performance, Chairman, Dr. B K Sahoo appreciated the efforts of the students and the staff for organizing such an amazing event. He said,” Coming to SIRS is always like home coming, I would like to congratulate each one of you for all your efforts in designing the event in such a wonderful manner”. After the speech Chairman, BK Sahoo joined the children for music and dance which the children loved.

After the dinner, children who have birthdays in August cut the cake in the presence of all the guests and Chairman. Cutting of birthday cake is a ritual followed at SIRS to make children happy and feel at home away from home.