SAI International Residential School believes that celebrating as a group bestows a sense of belonging, something that is crucial to human fulfillment. As part of our efforts to inculcate in students the appreciation of and respect for various events as well as to develop a global perspective, the school plans to celebrate a number of occasions.

The various celebrations and events at the school are designed to foster connections within the school community members along with the external community members towards the larger interest of national development through a good education.

Fun, frolic, gaiety and pure unlimited fun are some of the elements which make the mega annual event UNWIND special.  The school has envisioned reinforcing the spirit of commitment and perseverance in the students, at all phases of learning, and cultivating a unique culture in every possible manner to imbibe within each student the essence of  compassion, humility, spirit of teamwork, leadership and innovation.

SAI International Model United Nations Conference is centered on the theme “One World One Family – Vasudhaiva Kuttumbakam”, and is a three day conceptual replication of the International committees in UN. It is a registered event of United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan (UNIC). SAIMUN aims to create a platform for the young minds, where the delegates gain an insight into the workings of the United Nations and the dynamics by assuming the roles of UN representatives and the members of the International bodies. Students are exposed to information that is qualitatively superior in content and have an opportunity to interact with motivated and talented students with multi-culturally diverse back grounds from across the globe.

The annual SAI Confluence is a festive unison of music and rhythm and a spectacular blend of dance and harmony. Through these cultural extravaganzas, we not only help in projecting the talent of the students across various fields but also teach them the virtues of patience, sharing and caring and most importantly the value of consistent hard work, which is a prerequisite for excellence.

Winning isn’t everything; but wanting to win is! – Vince Lombardi

SAI Olympics, the annual sports meet, is a euphoric mix of displaying outstanding talents, nail biting races, colorful drills and spectacular cultural performances.  The grand event showcases the sporting talent and the physical agility of the students, the feeling of unity and inculcates the house spirit.

Cracking Clues…Tracking Time!!! SAI Treasure Hunt is an energy packed event involving the entire family, in a joyous fun-filled activity. Students, with their family members, armed with cryptic clues, go on a treasure hunt to identify and locate various places. The event is designed to enable the family members to spend quality time together, which leads towards strengthening of bonds, creating an awareness on the various monuments as well as learning the rules of safe driving, resulting in a great learning experience.

SAI TED is a student driven event which is conceptualized to orient, educate and prepare students to work towards becoming future innovators, researchers, consultants and designers in their preferred fields. Students intellectually benefit through gaining knowledge on the latest research, innovations, technologies, designs, engineering and health care. This is complemented with SAITED Talks by eminent personalities, from diverse fields, to motivate the students further. The event showcases a paradigm shift on some new perceptions and co-evolution of science and society, and attempts to illustrate conclusions concerning the related future and implications of innovative and futuristic technology.