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Career Connect

This initiative creates facilities which provide a dynamic learning environment for the students, enabling them to develop the skills of technology as well as security, required in school and later in life.

The four most important aspects of Beyond School:

  • Beyond School providers are significant contributors to students’ knowledge and skills development
  • Learning doesn’t just happen, parents and educators must engage with students’ interests to identify learning opportunities that students may not get the chance to experience in school
  • Beyond School programs fulfil critical gaps in student experiential learning, providing opportunities that form important pillars of student success
  • Beyond School learning is a community endeavour.

Career Guidance & University Destinations

The career guidance team of SIRS provides continued support to the students both within and outside the classroom. The team comprising of qualified and expert counsellors in admission practices and procedures, offer personalised counselling services to students and parents. Students are guided on crucial areas like course selection, career research, and identification of suitable universities and colleges as well as the application process. Students have individual meetings with counsellors to discuss options of after schoo education, to enable them to begin planning for university applications. Students are given opportunities to work on their personal portfolios and resumes, as well as provided guidance by conducting mock interviews and discussing SAT testing strategy.

The students are informed about the details regarding overseas education, about the foreign universities, their career programs and obtain advice regarding the curricula. They are also assisted in the selection of a suitable course and curriculum according to their aptitude and skill as well as get guidance on selection of Universities and the application procedure.

Coaching Programmes & Counselling

The school facilitates coaching that is likely to make a difference to the teaching and learning practices. Coaching is most productive when it is offered as a series rather than a one-off episode. Participants find that repeat sequence can be used on identified areas for development and discussion. Most coaching cycles are focused around a specific subject topic and lesson plan. This guidance centers on improving the level of performance through rigorous professionalism and practice. An essential element of successful coaching is the initial establishment of the coaching partnership. In ideal situations, coaching can be seen as a democratic and inclusive component of the school community.

The school counselling programme is designed to help students, parents, and teachers develop positive learning experiences. Students with greater need of individual intervention are benefitted from the small groups and short-term individual counselling.  By addressing social and emotional barriers to learning, the counsellors help the students to acquire important coping skills to succeed academically and become integral members of the school community. The school counselling program is designed to empower students to calmly, thoughtfully and competently navigate the many stages of college applications and enrolment processes-one of the first significant life decisions students make and own for themselves.