Are Boarding Schools Good For Children?

  • 29 Sep, 2020

In the modern age when both parents are working and mostly as nuclear families the parents find it difficult to manage the child’s needs in terms of studies and co-curricular. The Residential Schools a big sigh of relief for such families.  The best Boarding Schools in India offer a wide array of activities and facilities for the students and get the best of exposure. A good boarding school is the best choice for the children where they not only study but also are groomed in different ways.

Boarding School students have an edge over the students of the day boarders:

It has always been seen that Boarding school students exhibit different level skills than those who have attended day schools. The boarding schools provide a 24X7children centric pedagogy for the 360degree holistic development of the children.

Development of 21st Century Skills:

Living in the boarding Schools the children get to learn the 21st century skills of adaptability, leadership, persistence grit and perseverance. Children get an all-around development and learn community living, staying in a close-knit community.

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Holistic approach to teaching and learning:

One of the best things about boarding school is its approach towards teaching. The best boarding schools have a defined and well-constructed design and approach to hone a child’s latent skills. SAI International Residential School, Bhubaneswar, Odisha is one of India’s Best boarding school, it provides a holistic learning experience for the students, the 24 hours of the day is scientifically divided into sports, academics and sleep to help children balance their body mind and soul and excel in whatever field they desire to.

Conducive environment for learning:

If we go by the learning methodology of Finland which is the best in the world; But have you ever thought why is Finland better than our education system? The Finnish system doesn’t encourage cramming or standardized tests. Finland’s common-sense practices and a holistic teaching environment strives for equity over excellence.

India has been a centre of education for centuries which too believed in a similar methodology of learning. The Nalanda and the Pushpagiri Universities have been the first learning centers of the world which then promoted holistic and quality education. Our ancient gurukul system of education believed in experiential learning that too was very time bound.

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The best Boarding school follow an 8:8:8 hours formula of holistic grooming. Where the 8 hours are dedicated to a child’s mental, physical and emotional wellbeing and therefore they are encouraged to sleep for 8 hours, whereas the other 8 hours is completely dedicated to a child’s academics and the remaining 8 to all his non-academic aspirations. If a child follows this regime at home during the pandemic then there would be no learning losses.

An everlasting bond with teachers and friend:

At SAI International Residential School, Bhubaneswar, Odisha students share a great bonding between the co-students and teachers. It is a home away from home with a small family very close knit sharing love, compassion, harmony and empathy. It has the state of the art campus spread in 40 acres of lush green campus inspired by Buddhist architecture, where students get to breath freshness.

Art of Independence:

At the best boarding schools, children learn the art of independence and learn to take responsibility of themselves along with their peers. Maturity comes from independence and taking responsibility on oneself and others. Children when they reside in a residential school they take care of themselves and their friends who need. They also become independent and learn to make decisions for themselves.

Year round sports and co-curricular activities

Boarding schools provide year round sports and co-curricular activities for its students. Sports play a very crucial part in the growing year of a child, they learn, leadership, resilience, perseverance, grit and teamwork. The best boarding schools provide the best of sporting infrastructure in the school to hone the 21st century skills.