9 Undeniable Advantages of Education in Private Boarding High Schools

  • 27 Apr, 2019

With world-class facilities and highly qualified faculty, a good private boarding high school helps to develop self-discipline, maturity, independence as well as valuable critical-thinking skills. A student’s experience at a boarding high school builds confidence, broadens their outlook and helps them become strong leaders of tomorrow. A child that attends a boarding school transforms into a well-rounded individual who is fully prepared for the adult world. Listed below are some of the undeniable benefits offered by sending your children to the best private boarding high school:

1) Impetus on Holistic learning

Best boarding high schools are usually recognized for their commitment to delivering the very highest standard of education. They also offer specialised courses for students ensuring that they develop both cognitive and non-cognitive skills at an early age. SAI International Residential School, one of the best private boarding high schools in India, for example, practices a curriculum where a student is curios to question and engage in the pursuit of new knowledge on a daily basis.

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The school offers a diversity of courses, as well as customized tutorial sessions for students. The CBSE curriculum of the school equips students with essential leadership and communication skills, thereby ensuring a rigorous, yet balanced approach to education.

2) Individual Attention to Each Child

One of the key reasons why parents choose to send their children to private boarding high school is to provide them with the best possible education. Most of the private boarding high schools offer the opportunity for students to foster intense connections with their teachers. The teachers at boarding schools are also carefully chosen, ensuring that students are benefited from the finest of educators.

3) Beyond Classroom Learning

The Best Boarding High Schools hones the innate skills and hobbies of the students. What makes a boarding school great is a thriving co-curricular program. Extra-curricular activities and hobbies are an integral part of character building and boarding schools heartily encourage and hone the innate skills in the students. Pupils at SAI International Residential School, for example, can expect multi-dimensional programs in sports, music, dramatics, visual arts as well as media training and other communication workshops. The teachers are always keen to ensure that students have plenty to do that will push them beyond the minimum requirements of their courses. Students are encouraged from an early age to demonstrate their prowess in poetry, drama, languages, humanities, math, science, robotics, literature and much more.

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4) Finishing School

Best Boarding High schools ensure that the students are future-ready to face the world well prepared. Although staying away from family and friends and acquainting oneself in a new environment can be a difficult transition, but boarding school’s make the children well prepared to venture out in the new world with ease. It is also a precursor to life after school. The best high school boarding schools have a unique environment that prepares students for whatever larger world they are entering.

5) Better Self-Reliance

Encourages an Independent Outlook towards Education and Learning

Boarding school education allows students the chance to live more independently, taking control over their own schedule, managing their chores and their studies, and learning self-discipline. As a result, they develop crucial life skills. Through the carefully constructed routines of a boarding high school, students learn to become independent in safe and supportive environs. They emerge as strong leaders. At SAI International Residential School, one of the best residential schools in India, children are mentored in a supportive manner which encourages an independent outlook towards education and learning develops an inquisitive personality and a research-oriented mind.

6) Class Apart Impressive Infrastructure

Boarding High Schools are Keen to Ensure the Highest Qualities of Facilities

The sporting, academic, and arts facilities at boarding schools are regarded as being the best in the world. Maximum boarding high schools are keen to ensure that the highest qualities of facilities are available to their students. At SAI International Residential School, one of the best boarding schools in India, students are exposed to 21st-century learning mechanism which is personalized, contextual, interactive, experiential as well as real-time. With smart teaching and learning facilities, students are exposed to explore an array of opportunities.

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7) Social Skills

Boarding High Schools Welcome Children with Variety of Cultures

By being challenged to live and interact with different students, your child will step outside their comfort zone and build the confidence needed to develop well-rounded social skills. Boarding high schools welcome children from a variety of cultures, creating a unique experience. Living in close quarters with like-minded, highly motivated individuals with similar goals and ambitions, students form strong bonds with classmates from different backgrounds.

8) A Holistic Growth Environment

A residential school offers a wide range of programs that develop learning and leadership skills within students, thereby training them to be good and responsible citizens, both locally and globally. SAI International Residential School aims at training every student to contribute to society, country, and the world at large. Here children are mentored and guided intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually, inculcating in every child the basic life skills, as well as empathy and respect.

9) Problem-Solving Skills

Although disagreements among students in private boarding high schools are quite common, the students are more likely to resolve conflicts than others. The students are disciplined with conflict resolution skills, fostering overall problem-solving abilities. Students learn to resolve disputes and work toward sustaining long-term, long-term healthy relationships with peers.

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Although choosing to send your child to a boarding high school can be a difficult decision, it can offer your child the best possible start. Subject to high-quality standards of education, world-class facilities and pastoral care, a boarding school has undeniable benefits for students and parents alike.